Clinical Study

Clinical Effects of a Natural Extract of Urinary Human Menopausal Gonadotrophin in Normogonadotropic Infertile Patients

Table 1

Patient population baseline characteristics.

Baseline parametersrFSH ( )rFSH/HMG ( )

Age (years)29.57 (±4.05)30.06 (±3.97)NS
Duration of infertility (years)4.07 (±2.39)4.59 (±3.10)NS
Total antral follicle count13.54 (±4.11)14.00 (±4.18)NS
Baseline FSH (IU/L)6.64 (±1.35)6.80 (±1.27)NS
Baseline LH (IU/L)4.66 (±1.36)4.68 (±1.68)NS
Baseline E2 (pg/mL)35.35 (±11.97)36.68 (±14.85)NS
BMI21.37 (±2.00)20.76 (±2.07)NS
LH on stimulation day 1 (IU/L)1.32 (±0.80)1.46 (±0.85)NS

Cause of infertility
 Tubal factor only19 (67.9%)55 (58.5%)NS
 Endometriosis1 (3.6%)5 (5.3%)NS
 With male factors8 (28.6%)34 (36.2%)NS

Values are mean ± SEM.