International Journal of Reproductive Medicine / 2013 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Assessment of the Reproductive Health Status of Adult Prison Inmates in Osun State, Nigeria

Table 2

Knowledge about STIs.

( )

Awareness about STIs ( )
Source of Information ( )
Awareness about transmission modes ( )
Transmission modes known ( ; multiple respondents)
 Blood transfusion130100.0
 Same sex intercourse9170.0
 Talking with infected person107.7
 Sharing unsterilized needles5945.4
Symptoms suggestive of STI ( ; multiple respondents)
 Painful urination7649.7
 Genital ulcer2617.0
 Urethral/vaginal discharge4428.8
 Genital itching6139.9
 Lower abdominal pain5837.9
Have you ever had an STI before ( )