International Journal of Reproductive Medicine / 2013 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Assessment of the Reproductive Health Status of Adult Prison Inmates in Osun State, Nigeria

Table 3

Knowledge about HIV/AIDS.

( )

Awareness about HIV ( )
HIV information source ( )
HIV transmission modes
( ; multiple respondents)
 Unprotected sex with infected
 Injection with unsterilized needles15378.5
 Use of unsterilized sharps (clippers,
 blades, etc.)
 Kissing infected person5930.3
 Mosquito bite2512.8
 Cloths and towel sharing115.6
 Using same swimming
 Spiritually/through witchcraft2914.9
 Eating from same plate73.6
How can HIV be prevented ( ; multiple respondents)
 Being faithful to partner15177.4
 Abstaining from sex15780.5
 Not sharing sharps11458.5
 Barrier contraception11961.0
Awareness about HCT ( )
HCT information source ( )
Awareness about ART ( )
What do you think ART does? ( )
 Cure HIV completely2125.0
 Slows disease progression6172.6
 It does nothing22.4
 I do not know 00