Table 2: Clinical features and prospective morbidity-mortality assessment of 16 patients with peritoneal surface malignancy having cytoreductive surgery and perioperative hyperthermic chemotherapy.

PatientGender/ageDiagnosisGrade II morbidityGrade III morbidityGrade IV morbidityMortalityCurrent status (months)

1M/47Appendix0000DOD (9)
2F/56Papillary serous0000AWD (26)
3F/44Papillary serous00Hyponatremia, return to SICU0NED (31)
4F/55Papillary serous0000NED (29)
5M/19Recurrent colonPostoperative bleeding000AWD (19)
6M/54DMPMCentral line infection000AWD (20)
7F/30DMPMUrinary tract infection0Excessive ascites, return to SICU0AWD (18)
8F/61EndometrialUrinary tract infection000DOD (6)
9F/60DMPMPleural effusion000AWD (18)
10F/51DMPM0000NED (16)
11M/54DMPMNeuropraxia000NED (14)
12M/47Colon0000AWD (14)
13M/61DMPM0000AWD (14)
14M/64Gastric0000DOD (6)
15M/52DMPM0000NED (13)
16M/58DMPM0000AWD (12)

DMPM: diffuse malignant peritoneal mesothelioma; DOD: died of disease; AWD: alive with disease; NED: no evidence of disease; SICU: surgical intensive care unit.