Table 1: Mid- to long-term results of cryoablation (CA) and radiofrequency (RF), and one group compared the results between radiofrequency and partial nephrectomy (PN).

MethodApproachRCC numbersMean followup (months)Local recurrenceRelapse free survivalCancer specific survival

McDougal et al. [6] RFP2055194%100%
Levinson et al. [7]RFP1862381%100%
Tracy et al. [8]RFP, L, O5353591%99%
Davol et al. [9]CAL, O3464584%100%
Weld et al. [10]CAL22460100%100%
Aron et al. [11]CAL5595787%89%
Guazzoni et al. [12]CAL44610100%100%
Beemster et al. [13]CAL5130394.4%100%
Olweny et al. [14]RFP, L3778391.7%97.2%
PNL, O3773394.6%100%

RCC: renal cell carcinoma; RF: radiofrequency; CA: cryoablation; P: percutaneous; L: laparoscopy; O: open; PN: partial nephrectomy.