International Journal of Surgical Oncology / 2012 / Article / Tab 3

Clinical Study

Prolonged Therapy with Imatinib Mesylate before Surgery for Advanced Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor Results of a Phase II Trial

Table 3

Surgical strategy before and after neoadjuvant imatinib, resection performed, and resection margins.

PatientNumber of organs planned to be resected before NAIi (details)Number of organs planned to be resected after NAI (details)Changes in resection due to NAINumber of organs resected Resection margins

11ii (with colostomy)1iii (no colostomy) 1R0
21 (STGiv)1 (WGv) 1R0
31 (STG)1 (WG) 1R0
44 (Whipple, RCvi, kidney)3 (Whipple, RC) 3 R0
53 (STG, SPvii, and PAviii)3 (WG, SP, and PA) 3R0
61 (antrectomy)1 (antrectomy)=0ix NAx
72 (stomach + liver)2 (stomach + liver)=0xi NA
82 (STG + left liver)2 (STG + left liverxii)=2R0
91 (liver)1 (liver)=1R0
104 (oesophagectomy + trachea + pericardia + vertebral body)1 (oesophagus) 1R0
112 (Whipple)2 (Whipple)=0xiiiNA
122 (STG + PA)1 (STG) 1 R0
133 (STG + SP + PA)3 (STG + SP + PA)=3 R0
141 (antrectomy)

iNAI: neoadjuvant imatinib.
iiAbdominoperineal resection.
iiiLow anterior resection with primary anastomosis.
ivSTG: subtotal gastrectomy.
vWG: wegde gastrectomy.
viRC: right hemicolectomy.
viiSP: spleen.
viiiPA: pancreas.
ixPatient refused laparotomy.
xNot applicable.
xiNR: nonresectable due to multiple liver metastasis.
xiiSemielective procedure for gastric bleeding.
xiiiPatient refused Whipple procedure (segmental duodenal resection was not possible).