Table 4: Main findings for the studies included in the meta-analysis. ES: emergency surgery; FFP: fresh frozen plasma; RCT: randomized controlled trial; SBTS: stent as a bridge to surgery; SSI: surgical site infection.

ReferenceSignificant difference No significant differenceNotes

Alcantara et al.SBTS: reduced anastomotic leak rate and overall morbidity for SBTSMortality, median hospital stay, SSITrial stopped prematurely

Arezzo et al.SBTS: decreased stoma rate, increased total length of stayMorbidity, median operative time, oncologic outcome at 36 months

Cheung et al.SBTS: reduced anastomotic leak rate and stoma rate, increased rate of one-stage procedureMedian cumulative hospital stay, chest infection, intra-abdominal sepsis

Ghazal et al.SBTS: reduced mean operative time, necessity of blood and FFP transfusion, SSIMedian total length of stay

Ho et al.SBTS: reduced need for intraoperative bowel decompressionMortality, morbidity, median operative time, medial total length of stay

Pirlet et al.In-hospital mortality, morbidity, stoma rate, anastomotic leakTrial stopped prematurely

van Hooft et al.SBTS: reduced initial stoma rate but increased stoma-related complications and increased morbidity at 30 days (interim analysis)Global health status, mortalityTrial stopped prematurely