Table 3: WiMAX RAN system parameters.


Channel bandwidth5 MHz
Carrier frequency3468.5 MHz and 3568.5 MHz
Number of subcarriers512
Number of used data subcarriers360
Cyclic prefix1/4 symbol duration
Frame length5 ms
Channel CodingTurbo Codes
Possible modulation and coding schemesQPSK 1/2, 16 QAM 1/2, 64 QAM 1/2
ARQNo ARQ scheme
Number of BS antennas2
BS antennatype 4 array antenna
BS antenna height22 m
BS antenna gain17 dBm
BS transmission power35 dBm
BS antenna azimuth6° and 276°
MS antenna gain2 dBi
MS transmission power23 dBm