Table 4: Final segments included on DVD (edited).

ContentRunning Time

Introduction49 seconds
Pursed Lip Breathing55 seconds
Diaphragmatic Breathing1 minute, 2 seconds
Energy Conservation1 minute, 34 seconds
Introduction to Relaxation Techniques35 seconds
Deep Breathing22 seconds
Total Muscle Relaxation1 minute, 39 seconds
Visual Imagery21 seconds
Helpful Hints for Relaxation24 seconds
Avoiding Stress23 seconds
Panic Control Breathing47 seconds
Aerobics and Conditioning Introduction23 seconds
Walking for Exercise2 minutes, 37 seconds
Lifting and Breathing15 seconds
Bending and Breathing24 seconds
Infection Control1 minute, 41 seconds
Infection Detection1 minute, 1 seconds
Infection Treatment59 seconds
When to Call Doctor1 minute, 17 seconds
Controlling your Cough47 seconds
Nutrition2 minutes, 39 seconds
Increasing Your Fluid Intake1 minute, 29 seconds
House Keeping1 minute, 11 seconds
Smoking Cessation1 minute, 22 seconds
Conclusion22 seconds

Total (approximate)34 minutes, 18 seconds