Table 7: Proposed mapping of e-Health service types to standardized QCIs.

QCIPriority levelType of e-Health serviceExample e-Health application

12Real-time conversational voice-based tele-consultationAudio conferencing between patient/doctor or doctor/doctor

22Real-time conversational video-based tele-consultationVideo conferencing between patient/doctor or doctor/doctor
4Conversational research and educationCollaborative research/education tools involving conversational audio/video; virtual patient support groups involving conversational audio/video

3 Invasive real-time robotic servicesTele-surgery (transfer of robotic control data in one direction, and streaming images such as ultrasound or video in the other direction)
3Non-invasive real-time robotic servicesPortable ultrasound probe holder robotic system reproducing an expert's hand movements during an ultrasound examination

4 Emergency real-time tele- monitoringTele-monitoring of patient vital signs (e.g., streaming ECG data) in emergency situations
5Non-emergency real-time tele-monitoringStreaming of patient ultrasound images or video during routine check up
Streaming research and educationEducation tools involving streaming media

52Real-time EHR data accessEmergency medical personnel at accident/disaster site accessing a patient's EHR
Real-time tele-diagnosisTransfer of medical images to remote location in emergency situations
Real-time messagingAlarms sent to care givers indicating patient emergency

66Non-real-time tele-diagnosisNon-emergency remote diagnosis: transfer of medical images to a remote location where specialists analyze data and return a diagnostic report
Non-real time EHR data access/storageWeb-based end user (patient, doctor, additional health personnel) application for access to EHR during patient checkup
Non-real-time messagingAutomated patient alerts (e.g., reminder for check up, reminder to take medication)

77Interactive research and educationInteractive surgical simulations; remote control of instruments

88Non-real-time tele-monitoringTele-monitoring application for post-hospital home care of cardiovascular patients involving monitoring of vital signs and delivery to central hospital server
Interactive health information data exchangeHealth portals: Web sites offering health related data

99Noninteractive health information data retrievalDistribution of diagnostic imaging textbooks
Administrative and financial transactionsPatient referrals; appointment scheduling; charging and billing applications