Table 1: Description of Family-Link cases (in order of use).

Patient ageReason for admissionNeed-unique use for family-LinkLength of stay (days)Distance (miles)

12 yearsMultidrug resistant pulmonary tuberculosisSingle father unable to visit because of limited transportation and finances. There were also 8 other siblings at home. Father and older brother provided primary incomes and were unable to take time away from work4550

15 monthsLeukemiaParents and siblings living far from Sacramento1350

17 yearsQuadriplegia admitted for rehabilitationParents and siblings living far from Sacramento30220

17 yearsChemotherapyDivorced parents each had a unit to communicate with daughter because of distance7994

4 yearsPneumoniaSingle mother not able to spend time with patient and distance1250

12 yearsSevere traumatic brain injuryLarge extended family. Family-Link also utilized to allow family members to participate in patient’s rehabilitation regimen to prepare for home therapy2730

14 yearsMyasthenia gravisSet up for ill grandfather and other family members who were unable to visit on a regular basis and wanted to be able to check on patient’s progress20810

38 yearsSpinal cord injurySee Section 3.1.1681,400

14 yearsTuberculosis, isolationFamily-Link utilized to allow communication for two teenage friends both in isolation and in adjacent rooms2376

14 years>90% total body burn injuriesPatient able to attend 8th grade graduation using Family-Link195750

15 yearsStruck by motor vehicle, multiple trauma.See Section 3.1.221210

11 yearsLeukemia and dilated cardiomyopathyExtended family wanting to visit but difficult because of long distance12150

4 yearsSpinal cord injuryRecently separated parents were unable to visit at the same time because of domestic issues and conflicting work schedules46217 (father)
94 (mother)

16 yearsPneumonia and respiratory isolationThe patient and family lived in Nevada. Mother was only source of income and unable to take time off from work59127

18 monthsPolycystic kidney disease status postrenal transplantFamily-Link was set-up for patient to view his father and sibling at home who were unable to spend time with him due to distance95144

3 yearsMotor vehicle accident with anoxic brain injuryThe patient’s mother wanted to withdraw medical support, but was concerned because the patient’s father was incarcerated and unable to be involved in the decision-making process. Using Family-Link, a connection was established with the patient’s father in prison. He was able to see his son’s unresponsiveness and was able to provide further support to help with the decision to limit medical care and withdraw support2265

15 yearsSpinal cord injury with lower-extremity paraplegiaSee Section 3.1.33265

6 yearsPneumoniaDad, siblings, and grandmother not able to visit often because of limited transportation options925

10 yearsAcute disseminated encephalomyelitisFamily from city located 5 1/2 hours. One parent stayed at home with other children and visited daily19323

6 monthsLeukemiaYoung sibling at home, grandparents in Los Angeles14387

10 yearsRehabilitationExtended hospital stay and parent must stay with siblings at home2824

2 yearsCystic fibrosisSiblings staying with grandparents, unable to visit21166

2 yearsGI surgerySibling and father at home, unable to visit during the week2373

3 yearsPharyngeal cellulitis, dehydrationSiblings and father at home. Father had to work and could not bring other siblings to visit536

3 yearsLeukemiaFamily (aunt and cousins) located in Philadelphia, unable to visit62,458

10 yearsTraumatic brain injuryParent worked full time and unable to visit hospital frequently1030

7 yearsSepsisSibling at home with grandparent, unable to visit1217

8 yearsRemoval of brain tumorFamily support network located in Jordan, unable to visit117,448

10 yearsPneumoniaSiblings unable to visit due to distance7170

12 yearsMidgut volvulusFather unable to visit due to distance and work schedule5174

9 yearsTrauma, impaled buttocksSiblings staying with friends, unable to visit740

10 yearsFemoral fractureFamily at home, distance too far to travel682

10 yearsPerforated appendicitisIll family member (aunt), unable to visit hospital1325

15 yearsLadd’s procedureGrandmother unable to visit81,458

14 yearsHematochezia, inflammatory bowel diseaseSiblings and parents unable to visit due to distance5136

13 yearsMultisystem traumaGrandparents and extended family located in Pennsylvania251,485