Research Article

A Modeled Analysis of Telehealth Methods for Treating Pressure Ulcers after Spinal Cord Injury

Table 3

Inputs to the cost model.

Unit cost estimatesa

Staff costs (per hour)
 Registered nurse (VA staff)$33$37$40
 Registered nurse (contractor)$50$55$60
 Physician (VA staff)$108$120$132
Equipment (per year)
 Standard telephoneb$0$0$0
 Digital camera$67$83$100
 Home videoconferencing$3,775$3,775$3,775
 Transmission costc$0$0$0
Home encounters (each)
 VA RN visit$549$610$671
 Contract nurse visit$109$118$127
 Interactive telehealth call$227$252$277
Facility encounters: outpatient (each)
 Large SCI clinic (hub) visit$259$630$816
 Small SCI clinic (spoke) visit$436$484$532
Hub-spoke conference$668$742$816
 Telehealth call with patient$84$93$102
 Contract physician office visit$44$55$66
Facility encounters: inpatient
 VA surgery and recovery (total)$38,875$73,049$218,067
 Community SNF (30 days)$7,503$8,337$9,170
Transportation (round-trip)
 Wheelchair-enabled transport$6$138$274

RN: Registered nurse; SCI: spinal cord injury; SNF: skilled nursing facility; VA: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
aFigures are in 2007 dollars.
bStandard telephones are already available and no meaningful cost from these interventions could be attributed to them.
cVA builds transmission costs into facility encounter costs.