Research Article

A Modeled Analysis of Telehealth Methods for Treating Pressure Ulcers after Spinal Cord Injury

Table 4

Count and prevalence inputs to the model.

DescriptionBase estimateaSensitivity estimatea

Total SCI patientsb20,000
 New SCI patientc5%4.5–5.5%
 Exiting patient, new PUd25%22.5–27.5%
 Existing patient, flap surgeryc1.5%1.35–1.65%
 Existing patient, neither PU nor flap surgerye68.5%66–71%
Live in catchment areac50%45–55%
Eligibility for telehealth care
 Lack of functional independence20%18–22%
 Lack of telephone land linec48%43–53%

PU: Pressure ulcer; SCI: spinal cord injury.
aAll figures are per year.
Sources: bNational VA electronic database; cPalo Alto VA electronic database; dGélis et al. [10]; eauthors’ calculation.