Table 1: Descriptions of the components of the MyCPAP patient website.


The learning centerBasic education to inform patients about sleep apnea, CPAP, and collaborative management.
My CPAP dataEasy-to-read charts that show CPAP adherence (in hrs/nt) and CPAP efficacy data (disease severity as measured by number of apneas and hypopneas per hour) and amount of air leak (in liters/min).
My graphsThis section included both easy-to-complete individual items for patients to track, including sleepiness levels and other patient-selected OSA-related symptoms.
Troubleshooting guideInteractive guide that allows patient to select the CPAP problem they are having; possible causes are discussed and solutions are listed.
CPAP user’s manual This component created animations for how to use the CPAP machine and it’s associated features; how to clean mask and hose; how to use the humidifier.