International Journal of Telemedicine and Applications / 2015 / Article / Tab 7

Research Article

Willingness to Adopt Telemedicine in Major Iraqi Hospitals: A Pilot Study

Table 7

Part 5: organization characteristic.

Strongly disagree DisagreeNeutralAgreeStrongly agree

TS1: telemedicine requires good technical support.
TS2: a specific focus on long-term sustainability is a common trait among successful programs.
TS3: technical support provides measurement and feedback to physicians.
TMS1: our top managers are interested in applying telemedicine.
TMS2: our top managers have properly identified telemedicine needs.
TMS3: our top managers have prioritized telemedicine needs.
Cost 1: high cost of equipment might be the cause of not adopting telemedicine.
Cost 2: telemedicine is less costly than traditional healthcare delivery.
Cost 3: staff training is costly.
Cost 4: software and hardware maintenance is costly.