Table 2: Mesoglycan in peripheral obstructive arterial disease (POAD). Clinical studies.

AuthorStudy designPathologyPatients ( )Doses/routeResults

Andreozzi [18]ProspectivePOAD in stages I-II Fontaine10Mesoglycan 60 mg daily
for 20 days
Mesoglycan: safe and effective in improving the wall response to vasodilator stimulus
Raso [19]ProspectivePOAD stage IIb Fontaine36Mesoglycan 60 mg daily endovenous for 10 days then 100 mg daily orally for 20 days, repeated for two months then oral mesoglycan for 12 monthsMesoglycan: significant improvement of symptoms and signs in all patients but one
Nenci [20]Randomized, double-blindedPAOD stage II Fontaine242Mesoglycan 30 mg daily i.m. for 3 weeks then 100 mg daily orally for two weeks, versus matching placebo All patients receive ASAMesoglycan: significant clinical improvement versus placebo. Significant improvement in quality of life scores.