Table 3: Mesoglycan and venous disease.

AuthorStudy designPathologyPatients ( )Doses/routeResults

Arosio [23]RandomizedChronic venous ulcers183Mesoglycan 30 mg daily i.m. for 3 weeks then 100 mg daily orally, versus placebo, for 24 ± 1 weeksMesoglycan: significant difference in the rate of ulcer healing versus placebo
Andreozzi [24]Retrospective analysisPatients with previous DVT36Mesoglycan 50 mg twice daily orallyMesoglycan: effective in preventing thrombotic recurrences
Viliani [25]RandomizedMechanical oedema (MO)44FKT+Mesoglycan 30 mg twice daily orally versus FKT aloneMesoglycan: significant clinical improvement in objective and subjective parameters
Prandoni [26]RandomizedDVT venographically proved90Heparin and then oral anticoagulation (12 weeks), then mesoglycan 72 mg daily orally versus placebo, for 1 yearRecurrences of DVT and/or PE less frequent with mesoglycan versus placebo (nonsignificant difference)