International Journal of Vascular Medicine / 2016 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

New Indices of Endothelial Function Measured by Digital Thermal Monitoring of Vascular Reactivity: Data from 6084 Patients Registry

Table 2

Multiple linear regression models for VRI, SBP, and DBP.


VRI (dependent)
-squared = 0.06, SE = 0.52
 Male sex−0.09741<0.001

SBP (dependent)
-squared = 0.02, SE = 20.36
 Male sex−0.4129602830.560

DBP (dependent)
-squared = 0.10, SE = 11.78
 Male sex3.509046088<0.001

Results are shown for four separate multiple linear regression models: VRI (vascular reactivity index), SBP (systolic blood pressure), and DBP (diastolic blood pressure). β = β coefficient; -squared: ; SE: standard error. Units for variables were as follows: age (y), HR (bpm), sex (male = 1; female = 0), SBP, and DBP (mmHg).