International Journal of Zoology / 2012 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Physical Condition, Sex, and Age-Class of Eastern Red-Backed Salamanders (Plethodon cinereus) in Forested and Open Habitats of West Virginia, USA

Table 3

Results of G-tests of independence comparing age-class and sex ratios of Plethodon cinereus between reference woodlands and three agriculturally disturbed habitats in southern West Virginia, 2004-2005. Numbers of captures within each habitat type are separated by commas. Significance was set at and df = 1 for all comparisons.

Habitat comparisonAdults (N, N)Juveniles (N, N)GP

Woodlands versus edges104, 11472, 533.120.077
Woodlands versus silvopastures104, 4672, 250.690.405
Woodlands versus meadows104, 10072, 1724.69<0.0001

Habitat comparisonFemales (N, N)Males (N, N)GP

Woodlands versus edges51, 5353, 610.140.707
Woodlands versus silvopastures51, 3053, 163.410.065
Woodlands versus meadows51, 4853, 520.020.882