Table 1: Clinical features of leprosy.

CharacteristicsTuberculoid Borderline tuberculoidMidborderlineBorderline lepromatous Lepromatous leprosy

Number of lesionsSingle or upto 3
A Few (up to 10)Several (10–30)Numerous, asymmetrical (>30)Innumerable, symmetrical
Size Variable,
usually large
Variable, some are largeVariableSmall, some
can be large
Surface changesHypopigmentedDry, scaly, look bright, and infiltratedDull or slightly shinyShinyShiny
SensationsAbsentMarkedly diminishedModerately diminishedSlightly diminishedMinimally diminished
Hair growthNilMarkedly diminishedModerately diminishedSlightly diminishedNot affected initially
Skin smearNegativeNegative or 1+1–3+3–5+Plenty, including globi (6+)
Lepromin testStrongly positiveWeakly positiveNegative NegativeNegative