Table 4: Extra-articular disorders associated with (generalized) JHM.


Anxiety[38, 116]
Carpal tunnel syndrome[39]
Chiari malformation type I[40]
Chronic constipation[4143]
Chronic fatigue syndrome[4446]
Chronic regional pain syndrome[47]
Crohn’s disease[48]
Developmental coordination disorder[49]
Faecal incontinence[50]
Fixed dystonia[55]
Functional gastrointestinal disorder[56]
Headache attributed to spontaneous cerebrospinal fluid leakage[57]
Hiatus hernia[58]
Mitral valve prolapse[59]
New daily persistent headache[60]
Pelvic organ prolapse[61]
Postural tachycardia syndrome[62]
Psychological distress[38]
Rectal evacuatory dysfunction[63]
Somatosensory amplification[38]
Urinary stress incontinence[64]