Table 1: Main characteristics of Ni(OH)2 electrodes.

Electrode/pulse (sec : sec)Theoretical capacity
Discharge capacity
Specific capacity

CP1 (on: 180/off: 90)188.7135.1206.971.61.74
CP2 (on: 90/off: 45) 167.1174.1291.3104.21.66
CP3 (on: 12/off: 6)202.9203.2289.2100.21.94
CP4 (on: 6/off: 3)161.1183.9321.2114.21.59
CC (continuous current)197.4157.1229.979.51.9

(*) The theoretical capacity is calculated by considering the transfer of 1 electron (289 mAhg−1) of active material.
(a) The discharge capacity values listed in Table 1 are at 70 charge/discharge cycles, 100% SOD.