Sánchez Cano in his paper “Adomian Decomposition Method for a Class of Nonlinear Problems” in application part pages 8, 9, and 10 had made some mistakes in context; in this paper we correct them.

1. Introduction

Adomian [1, 2] proposed a powerful method for solving nonlinear functional equation. The technique uses a decomposition of the nonlinear operator as a series of functions; each term of this series is a generalized polynomial called Adomian polynomial.

We will see that using the Adomian decomposition method together with some properties of the nested integral [3, 4] the solution of nonlinear ordinary differential equations system is obtained.

2. Correct Equations

In page 8, he showed that the solution is given by By rearranging he obtained And similarly for we will have By rearranging he obtained Continuing in this fashion, he concluded the following formulas: But the correct formulas are given by Writing (2) and (4) as a single integral, he had Similarly, In page 9, he uses With and , he obtained In fact, the correct solution is given by In page 10, he showed two cases for the solutions and using (2), (4), and .

Case 1 (). In this case, he obtained the solutions But the correct method is the following: Similarly,

Case 2 (). He arrived at the formulas and as follows: But the correct formulas are given by