Research Article

Proteomics Characterization of the Secretome from Rat Pancreatic Stellate Cells with ATP-Binding Cassette Transporters (ABCG2) and NCAM Phenotype

Figure 2

Ingenuity Pathways networks. These networks have resulted from submitting proteins identified in the secretome to the Ingenuity Pathways software. Proteins are classified in bold as focus proteins (which are obtained from our secretome results) or not in bold as nonfocus (which have been included by the software to complete the network). (a) The first network highlights TGFβ1 as a “nonfocus” protein. (b) The second network includes novel proteins in the secretome of PaSC such as PEDF (SerpinF1) and Wnt5b, which have interactions with other soluble proteins in the extracellular space. (c) The third-scored network identifies LIF in the extracellular space. Legend of the node shapes to identify the type of protein: rhombus: enzyme, square: growth factor, inverted triangle: kinase, circle: other, rectangle: ion channel, oval: transcription regulator.