Journal of Addiction / 2013 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Smoking and Other Drug Characteristics of Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Prisoners in Australia

Table 3

Drug and alcohol characteristics by Aboriginality.

Drug and alcohol use Smoking cessation RCT2009 NSW inmate health survey
Aboriginal men
% ( )
Non-aboriginal men
% ( )
Total men
% ( )
Aboriginal men
% ( )
Non-aboriginal men
% ( )
Total men
% ( )

Ever use any drugs96.995.095.388.384.285.5
Regularly* use any drugs in year before prison92.279.080.950.838.042.1
Ever use any drugs in prison78.163.265.448.039.342.1
Ever inject any drugs60.956.056.746.137.240.1
Mean age when first injected (+SD)18.9 (7.7)17.9 (4.6)18.0 (5.2)18.5 (4.2)18.5 (4.2)18.5 (4.2)
Last injection in prison32.433.733.522.022.222.2
AUDIT score 8+ prior to prison
(risky drinker)
AUDIT score 20+ prior to prison
(dependent drinker)
Drank 10+ drinks on typical day prior to prison39.124.726.857.841.246.6
Drank 6+ drinks daily/almost daily prior to prison26.619.920.939.827.131.2
 Ever use93.892.592.787.981.683.6
 Regularly use in year before prison79.757.160.534.422.626.4
 Ever use in prison75.057.159.835.931.232.7
 Ever use57.856.056.243.436.338.6
 Regularly use in year before prison40.637.137.713.76.08.5
 Ever inject46.941.842.634.026.528.9
 Ever use in prison32.834.934.617.215.215.9
Other opiates
 Ever use37.536.836.920.718.219.0
 Regularly use in year before prison18.815.516.
 Ever inject29.724.124.915.612.613.6
 Ever use in prison15.619.418.
 Ever use76.677.076.960.256.257.5
 Regularly use in year before prison46.949.048.717.213.014.3
 Ever inject53.144.645.937.526.129.8
 Ever use in prison26.628.828.510.29.89.9
 Ever use56.358.758.438.747.944.9
 Regularly use in year before prison39.135.736.
 Ever inject35.929.930.821.115.817.5
 Ever use in prison20.318.618.
 Ever use32.840.439.322.724.624.0
 Regularly use in year before prison15.617.717.
 Ever inject6.
 Ever use in prison18.818.

Statistically significant comparing aboriginal and non-aboriginal male inmates. *Daily/almost daily use drugs prior to prison.