Journal of Addiction / 2013 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Involvement in Specific HIV Risk Practices among Men Who Use the Internet to Find Male Partners for Unprotected Sex

Table 3

Comparison of HIV-negative and HIV-positive men’s involvement in selected sexual behaviors among sexually active men.

Sexual behaviorHIV-negative
(% yes)
(% yes)

Oral sex—insertive
  Past 30 days92.595.4n.s.
  With partners met online?80.280.8n.s.
  Any of it unprotected?90.894.9n.s.
  Any of it entailing internal ejaculation?46.959.9.033
Oral sex—receptive
  Past 30 days94.288.0n.s.
  With partners met online?78.877.3n.s.
  Any of it unprotected?91.786.9n.s.
  Any of it entailing internal ejaculation?43.845.5n.s.
Anal sex—insertive
  Past 30 days60.866.3n.s.
  With partners met online?83.682.8n.s.
  Any of it unprotected?50.864.0.024
  Any of it entailing internal ejaculation?63.073.3n.s.
Anal sex—receptive
  Past 30 days60.872.0.044
  With partners met online?80.877.8n.s.
  Any of it unprotected?51.769.1.002
  Any of it entailing internal ejaculation?65.879.4.034
Sex partners in past 30 days.002
  21+ 7.514.9
Double Fucking—Insertive
  Past 30 days
  Any of it unprotected?98.398.9n.s.
  Any of it entailing internal ejaculation?66.766.7n.s.
Double fucking—receptive
  Past 30 days 5.812.0n.s.
  Any of it unprotected?97.599.4n.s.
  Any of it entailing internal ejaculation?
Oral-anal contact—insertive
  Past 30 days60.870.3n.s.
  Any of it involving felching?24.725.2n.s.
  Any felching involving snowballing?55.667.7n.s.
Oral-anal contact—receptive57.570.9.018
Sharing of used, uncleaned sex toys22.617.9n.s.
Pimping out or being pimped out sexually17.528.0.037
Multiple-partner sexual encounters
  Past 30 days33.356.6<.001
  Any of it involving three ways?30.852.6<.001
  Any three ways involving unprotected sex?24.249.1<.001
  Any of it involving larger-group encounters?15.034.9<.001
 Any larger group encounters involving
 unprotected sex?
Anonymous sex encounters41.757.7.007