Journal of Addiction / 2018 / Article / Tab 3

Research Article

Cancer Patients Enrolled in a Smoking Cessation Clinical Trial: Characteristics and Correlates of Smoking Rate and Nicotine Dependence

Table 3

Multiple regression analysis predicting number of cigarettes smoked one week before prequit visit.

Predictor variable95% CI

 Addiction.3423.64<.0013.28 to 11.05
 Stimulation−.062−.673.50−3.60 to 1.77
Cancer site−.117−1.62.11−31.0 to 3.09
Race−.187−2.49.014−32.92 to −3.81

Note. Model for cigarettes smoked before prequit visit: = 8.1; < .001; RFS = Reasons for Smoking; SJWS = Shiffman-Jarvik Withdrawal Scale.