conN is mean constraint numbers
popnum is population numbers
IT is information table, which is (   matrix
gp is good population which decision variable = 1 from IT
bp is bad population which decision variable = 0 from IT
  is good characteristic from gp
  is bad characteristic from bp
t is the number of current generation
( ) is a RP exponent for the t generation
is a RP coefficient
  is constraints weight
  is next generation penalty coefficient
   Create information table ;
   //Divide   to two group   and
   For i = 1 to
    IF decision variable = 1 Pick ( )  to good population ;
    Else Pick ( )  to bad population ;
    End if
   End for
   //Find characteristic from   and
   For to
     = mod all ;
     = mod all ;
   End for
   //Find RP coefficient
   For to
    If    ;
    Else ;
    End if
   End for
   //Modify RP penalty exponent (k,  t)
   For to
     ( ) = ( ;
     ( ), for all to ;
   End for
Pseudocode 2: Pseudocode of the RP method.