Journal of Applied Mathematics / 2014 / Article / Tab 2

Research Article

Impact of DG Configuration on Maximum Use of Load Supply Capability in Distribution Power Systems

Table 2

Constants and variables in the model.

SymbolData typeVariable typeDimensionDescription

NumberConstant1Transformer number

VectorConstant Transformer capacity
is capacity of the ith transformer

VectorState variable Transformer loading factor
is loading factor of the ith transformer

TrMatrixFree variable Load transfer capacity
is the load transfer capacity from the ith transformer to the jth transformer when the ith transformer fails

MatrixConstant Connection feeder capacity
is the maximum load transfer capacity that connection feed between the ith and jth transformer provides

Probabilistic vectorConstant DG route capacity
is the total DG route capacity of the ith transformer

MatrixConstant Identity matrix

VectorConstant Vector full of 1