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Journal of Automatic Chemistry
Volume 12, Issue 6, Pages 251-257

Evaluation of the Technicon Axon analyser

Servei de Bioquímica, Hospital de la Santa Creu Sant Pau, Av. Sant Antoni M. Claret, 167, Barcelona 08025, Spain

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An evaluation of the Technicon Axon analyser was carried out following the guidelines of the ‘Sociedad Española de Química Clínica’ and the European Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards.

A photometric study revealed acceptable results at both 340 nm and 404 nm. Inaccuracy and imprecision were lower at 404 nm than at 340 nm, although poor dispersion was found at both wavelengths, even at low absorbances. Drift was negligible, the imprecision of the sample pipette delivery system was greater for small sample volumes, the reagent pipette delivery system imprecision was acceptable and the sample diluting system study showed good precision and accuracy.

Twelve analytes were studied for evaluation of the analyser under routine working conditions. Satisfactory results were obtained for within-run imprecision, while coefficients of variation for betweenrun imprecision were much greater than expected. Neither specimenrelated nor specimen-independent contamination was found in the carry-over study. For all analytes assayed, when comparing patient sample results with those obtained in a Hitachi 737 analyser, acceptable relative inaccuracy was observed.