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Journal of Automatic Chemistry
Volume 16, Issue 2, Pages 43-57

Nomenclature in laboratory robotics and automation (IUPAC Recommendation 1994)

1Department of Chemistry, Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA 15282, USA
2OCLC, 212 Elmhurst Circle, Cranberry Township, PA 16066, USA

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These dejinitions have been assembled from standards, monographs, dictionaries, journal articles, and documents of international organizations emphasizing laboratory and industrial automation and robotics. When appropriate, definitions have been taken directly from the original source and identified with that source. However, in some cases no acceptable definition could be found and a new definition was prepared to define the object, term, or action. Attention has been given to defining specific robot types, coordinate systems, parameters, attributes, communication protocols and associated workstations and hardware. Diagrams are included to illustrate specific concepts that can best be understood by visualization.