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Journal of Automatic Chemistry
Volume 16, Issue 5, Pages 195-204

Automated synthesis of radiopharmaceuticals for PET: an apparatus for [1-11C]labelled aldoses

Institute for Biofunctional Research, c/o National Cardiovascular Center, 7-1-5-Chome, Fujishiro-Dai, Suita City, Osaka 565, Japan

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This paper describes an instrumentation system for positron emission tomography (PET). A variety of [1-11C]labelled aldoses, such as [1-11C]-D-glucose, and galactose by a modification of the Kiliani-Fischer method have been produced. The instrumentation is fully automatic and consists of a synthesis system and control system. The synthesis system has the following functions: supplying reagents; performing reactions; purifying 11C labelled aldose; and preparing an injectable solution of 11C labelled aldose. These operations are performed by the control system in a remote control room. In a preliminary, hot experiment an injectable solution of [1-11C]-D-glucose was obtained. In addition, the operator is exposed to minimal radiation. The radioactivity of [1-11C]-Dglucose was 47 MBq, and the preparation time was 49 min.