Journal of Analytical Methods in Chemistry / 2015 / Article / Tab 4

Research Article

Detection of Gelatin Adulteration in Traditional Chinese Medicine: Analysis of Deer-Horn Glue by Rapid-Resolution Liquid Chromatography-Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry

Table 4

Results for commercial samples of deer-horn glue.

NumberSampleNumberOriginDonkey-hide gelatinBovine-hide gelatinDeer-horn glue

1Deer-horn glue001Henan Province++
2Deer-horn glue002Henan Province+
3Deer-horn glue003Shandong Province+
4Deer-horn glue004Henan Province++
5Deer-horn glue005Hubei Province+
6Deer-horn glue006Hunan Province++
7Deer-horn glue007Hebei Province++
8Deer-horn glue008Hebei Province++
9Deer-horn glue009Hunan Province++
10Deer-horn glue010Henan Province++
11Deer-horn glue011Henan Province+
12Deer-horn glue012Hunan Province++
13Deer-horn glue013Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region++
14Deer-horn glue014Shandong Province++
15Deer-horn glue015Shandong Province+
16Deer-horn glue016Shandong Province+
17Deer-horn glue017Beijing Municipality+
18Deer-horn glue018Beijing Municipality+
19Deer-horn glue019Beijing Municipality+
20Deer-horn glue020Hubei Province+
21Deer-horn glue021Hubei Province+
22Deer-horn glue022Hubei Province+
23Deer-horn glue023Henan Province+
24Deer-horn glue024Henan Province+
25Deer-horn glue025Henan Province+
26Deer-horn glue026Shandong Province+
27Deer-horn glue027Shandong Province+
28Deer-horn glue028Beijing Municipality+
29Deer-horn glue029Beijing Municipality+
30Deer-horn glue 121694-201301Standard gelatin from NIFDC+
31Donkey-hide gelatin121274-201202Standard gelatin from NIFDC+
32Bovine-hide gelatin121695-201301Standard gelatin from NIFDC+