Journal of Analytical Methods in Chemistry / 2018 / Article / Fig 1

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Sensing of Vascular Permeability in Inflamed Vessel of Live Animal

Figure 1

Cremaster surgery and intravital imaging of inflamed cremaster vessel. (a) (I) The body of the mouse was fixed in a chamber, using surgical tape, with traction on the scrotum using suture thread. (II) The scrotum was cut with scissors after filling the chamber with sterile 1x PBS. (III) The epidermis in the scrotum was cut along its edge. (b, c) Changes in vessel permeability with time (min) were observed using intravital imaging. Vascular leakage was measured as an arbitrary unit. An intact vessel with zero leakage was set as the baseline for this unit. A graph of vascular leakage shows local and transient increase in blood permeability. Scale bar: 30 µm. See Video 1.