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Extraction/Preconcentration Procedures for Determination of Metal Ions in Environmental Samples

Call for Papers

Metallic ions are found in the most diverse types of samples in concentrations ranging from mg L−1 to those considered as trace. These ions may be necessary for maintaining vital functions of organisms since their absence can cause many diseases; however they can also be extremely toxic if ingested, even at low concentrations. Considering the toxicity or necessity of these species to organisms, the development of analytical methodologies capable of both determining and enabling their monitoring in environmental samples becomes fundamental. In this sense, the development of extraction and/or preconcentration methodologies has been gaining prominence in recent years, especially those that use small amounts of solvents, contributing to the development of Green Analytical Chemistry.

This special issue highlights current research and trends in the field of analytical extraction and preconcentration of metal ions in environmental samples, with a special focus on the use of novel advances in sample preparation procedures. This includes sorbent-based extraction, such as solid phase extraction (SPE) and its dispersive mode, or solvent-based extraction, such as liquid-phase microextraction and supramolecular chemistry.

We invite researchers to contribute original research and reviews that give an update on the application of these methods in the mentioned area for the analysis of metal species.

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • SPE for analysis of metal ions in environmental samples
  • Cloud point extraction for analysis of metal ions in environmental waters
  • Dispersive solid phase extraction of metal ions from environmental samples
  • Dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction of metal ions from environmental aqueous samples
  • Electromembrane extraction-preconcentration of heavy metal ions from aqueous media

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Publication DateNovember 2019

Papers are published upon acceptance, regardless of the Special Issue publication date.

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