Table 2: Daily energy expenditure and daily nutrient intake of pre- and post-menopausal women before and after the Tai Chi training period.

Pre MPost MPre MPost M

EE (kCal·d−1) * *
EI (kCal·d−1)
Carbohydrate (g·d−1)
 % EI * *
Fat (g·d−1) * *
 % EI * *
Protein (g·d−1·kg−1)
 % EI
 Animal protein (g·d−1·kg−1) # #
 Vegetal protein (g·d−1·kg−1)
β-Carotene (μg·d−1)
Vitamin C (mg·d−1)
Vitamin E (mg·d−1)

Pre M: pre-menopausal women group; Post M: post-menopausal women group; EE: energy expenditure; EI: energy intake. Values are expressed as mean ± standard deviation; * , different from pre-training; # , different from Pre M.