Table 3: Hematological and biochemical parameters of pre- and post-menopausal women before and after the Tai Chi training period.

Pre-M womenPost-M women

Hemoglobin (g·dL−1)
Hematocrit (g%)
Leukocytes (×109 L−1)
Platelets (×109 L−1)
Uric acid (mg·dL−1)
Triglycerides (mg·dL−1)
Total cholesterol (mg·dL−1)
HDL cholesterol (mg·dL−1)
LDL cholesterol (mg·dL−1) * *
TAS (mmol·L−1TE) ** **
eSOD (unit·g−1Hb)
tHcy (μ mol·L−1) * *

Values are expressed as mean ± standard deviation; Pre-M: premenopausal women group; Post-M: postmenopausal women group; TAS: total antioxidantstatus; TE: troloq equivalence; TBARS: plasma thiobarbituric acid reactive substance concentration; eSOD: erythrocyte superoxide dismutase activity; tHcy: plasma total homocysteine; * , different from Pre-training; ** , different from Pre-training.