Table 2: Psychometric information on beliefs in just world (self and others) and other related future time perspective measures and trust measures.


Beliefs in just world (BJW: self) (8–48)36.6 (6.1).84
Beliefs in just world (BJW: others) (8–48)25.7 (5.8).74
Future time perspective (FTP) (10–70)39.9(5.2).82
Future self-continuity (FSC)—15 yrs (1470)34.8(6.1).74
Agreement with trust items: interpersonal and society (12–60)37.6 (5.3).77
Agreement with distrust items: interpersonal and society (12–60)50.2 (6.9).72
Control (30–150)80.1 (10.6).75
Social support satisfaction (10–30)22.4 (3.82).89
Self-esteem (10–40)23.9 (3.1).88

Note: The alpha denotes the coefficient alpha, a measure of internal consistency.