Table 3: Prevalence of physical activity at time 1 according to main characteristics, by country.

United StatesMexico -value across countries

Age Age
 51–5949.6% 52–5939.4%.000
 60–6950.0% 60–6932.7%.000
 70–7943.0% 70–7922.9%.000
 80+28.9% 80+14.2%.000
Sex Sex
 Male50.8% Male42.7%.000
 Female41.3% Female23.1%.000
Marital status Marital Status
 Married, union49.1% Married, union29.3%.000
 Single, divorced, separated43.0% Single, divorced, separated35.8%.000
 Widowed34.7% Widowed21.9%.000
Education Education
 <12 years41.9% 0 years31.4%Na
 12 years47.4% 1–5 years35.1%Na
 >12 years52.6% 6 years29.4%Na
 7+ years30.4%Na
Assets Assets
 Low37.3% Low33.2%.001
 Medium44.6% Medium31.7%.000
 High51.4% High31.5%.000
Location Location
 Urban46.8% Urban39.1%.000
 Rural45.1% Rural24.3%.000
Health insuranceHealth Insurance
 Uninsured47.2% Uninsured38.6%.000
 Insured45.6% Insured27.0%.000

Total sample ( )45.10%Total sample ( )33.10%

Notes: Percentages are weighted statistics; sample sizes may vary due to missing values; data may not add to 100% due to rounding; HRS included persons age 51 and older at time 1; MHAS included 52 years and older at time 1; HRS and MHAS data includes only community-dwelling populations. Statistical comparisons based on unweighted data. Statistical test of the difference across categories for each variable within each country is reflected by embedded asterisks: , , . Statistical test of the difference between the two countries is reported in the final column ( value). Difference in education is not tested between countries because of the difference in educational categories.