Table 3: Health indicators in 60+ population by ethnicity, HBRFSS, 2005–07.

All people age 60+Native HawaiianCaucasianFilipinoJapanese

Self-rated helath, insurance, checkups, MD visitsRate health as fair/poor22.726.319.028.022.5
Need adaptive equipment12.818.012.814.011.2
Health insurance97.2%95.3%96.8%97.5%98.4%
Could not see MD in past 12 months due to cost3.2%7.2%3.8%3.8%0.6%
No PCP4.9%6.3%7.0%3.8%2.8%
Routine checkup in past year82.9%81.0%79.4%81.3%86.4%

Chronic conditionsTold by MD with asthma10.8%19.7%11.8%10.2%7.6%
Told by MD have diabetes16.5%24.9%11.9%23.8%14.9%
Told by MD had heart attack9.6%11.3%12.0%8.7%7.2%
Told by MD have angina/CHD8.6%11.4%10.1%6.4%6.5%
Told by MD had stroke6.8%7.2%7.5%4.4%6.7%

Lifestyle risksSmoked 100+ cigarette in lifetime48.1%56.8%57.0%37.2%43.1%
Current smokers (daily/occasional)8.9%14.6%9.8%9.7%6.9%
Binge drinkers (4-5 + drinks at once)7.0%8.9%9.0%4.0%5.9%
Participated in physical activity outside of regular job in past 30 days77.0%72.9%81.4%72.1%75.6%

Screening practicesFor women, had mammogram in last 2 years81.3%77.7%76.2%82.3%85.8%
For men, had PSA test in past 12 months54.0%37.7%58.8%33.7%60.5%
For men, had DRE in past 12 months45.0%34.2%48.6%28.2%49.7%
Ever had sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy66.0%52.7%70.6%47.3%73.0%