Table 2: Mean neuropsychological test scores (±SEM) adjusted for age, sex, education, and cognitive status in presumptive positive and negative childhood ADHD subjects as determined by Wender-Utah Rating Scale score.

Neuropsychological test scoresADHD positive ( )ADHD negative ( )P value

Folstein MMSE 0.84
Animal Fluency 0.055
Trailmaking test A 0.93
Trailmaking test B 0.55
WAIS-R Digit-Symbol Substitution 0.25
WMS Logical Memory Delayed 0.94
WAIS-R Digit Span Forward 0.14
WAIS-R Digit Span Backward 0.55

Abbreviations: MMSE: Mini-Mental State Examination; CDR: Clinical Dementia Rating scale; WAIS-R: Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale-Revised; WMS: Wechsler Memory Scale.