Table 1: 12 Measures of successful aging.

CategoryAbbreviationQuestionDefinition of healthy

Not hospitalizedHOSP“Did you stay overnight in the hospital in the last 6 months?”No report of being hospitalized
No bed daysBED“During the past two weeks, how many days have you stayed
in bed all or most of the day because of illness or injury?”
No days in bed reported
Life satisfactionSPL“How satisfied are you with the meaning and purpose of your
life? on a scale of 1–10, with 1 being extremely and 10 being not at all”
Score of 1 to 4
Life as a wholeFLW“How do you feel about life as a whole?” (1: delighted; 3:
mostly satisfied; 6: terrible)
Score of 1–3
Not depressedDEP10 questions of the center for epidemiologic studies short
depression scale [25], each ranked 0–3
Score < 10, out of a possible 30 points
No limitations in activities of daily livingADL“Do you have any difficulty performing this activity?” from a list of walking, transferring, eating, dressing, bathing, or toiletingNo difficulties reported
No limitations in independent activities of daily livingIADL“Do you have any difficulty performing this activity?”
from a list of heavy or light housework, shopping, meal
preparation, money management, or telephoning
No difficulties reported
Intact extremity strengthEXSTR“Do you have any difficulty with this activity” from a list
of lifting, reaching, or gripping
No difficulty reported
Self-rated healthSRH“How would you rate your health in general: excellent,
very good, good, fair, or poor?”
Excellent, very good, or good self-reported health
Intact cognitionCOGModified minimental state examination [26], scored from 0 to 100Score above 89
Ability to ambulateTWLKTimed 15 foot walkLess than 10 seconds
Frequent ambulationBLK“During the last week, how many city blocks did you walk?”>4 blocks per day, on average