Table 2: Prevalence of a healthy state among men and women, with health defined separately for each domain. Bolded entries represent significantly higher prevalence of health in women (left columns) or men (right columns). The differences between groups based on age are described in the text.


Number of observations12261124332183780188671752
Mean age71.078.687.571.178.687.7
HOSP: no hospital days91.387.884.988.085.681.7
BED: no bed days94.392.389.395.994.691.3
SPL: Satisfied with purpose of life75.769.859.680.775.267.4
DEP: not depressed80.273.864.387.681.470.9
ADL: no ADL difficulties86.376.156.790.282.767.6
FLW: feel life is worthwhile94.491.083.695.391.785.6
EXSTR: good extremity strength67.657.642.184.678.865.4
SRH: high self-rated health79.070.860.780.073.664.7
TWLK: walk 10 feet < 10 seconds64.344.516.973.858.630.0
IADL: no IADL difficulties71.858.739.580.970.550.7
COG: 3 MSE > 9070.954.627.667.253.125.7
BLK: walked 4+ blocks per day33.320.98.547.737.822.3