Journal of Aging Research / 2012 / Article / Tab 4

Review Article

Does Physical Activity Increase Life Expectancy? A Review of the Literature

Table 4

Case control studies presenting life expectancy of (former) athletes compared to that of control subjects.

Author(s)Type of sportsReduction/increase in life expectancy (y)

Prout [30]Endurance sports (college rowers from Harvard and Yale)+6.3

Sarna et al. [31]Endurance sports (long distance running, cross-country skiing)+5.7

Karvonen [32], Karvonen et al. [33]Endurance sports (cross-country skiing)+2.8 to +4.3

Sanchis-Gomar et al. [34]Endurance sports (Tour de France cyclists)+8.0

Sarna et al. [31], Sarna and Kaprio [35]Power sports (throwing sports, wrestling, weight lifting, boxing)+1.6

Sarna et al. [31], Sarna and Kaprio [35]Team sports (ice hockey, soccer, basketball, other outdoor sports)+4.0

Abel and Kruger [36]Team sports (baseball)−5.0

Abel and Kruger [37]Team sports (baseball)+4 to 5

Kuss et al. [38]Team sports (German international soccer players)−1.9 J. (+0.6 to −3.2)

Hudec et al. [39]Various sports disciplines−0.38

Rook [40]Various sports disciplines+1.03