Table 1: Items from the CIRS used in our baseline survey* [29].

CIRS subscale identityItems used

Family and friends“Family members or friends exercised with you”
“You shared healthy low-fat recipes with friends or family members”
“Family or friends bought foods or prepared foods for you that were especially healthy or recommended”

Neighborhood“You walked or exercised outdoors in your neighborhood”
“You ate at a restaurant that offered a variety of tasty, low-fat food choices”
“You walked or did other exercise activities with neighbors”

Organizational“You attended free or low-cost meetings (e.g., walking groups/clubs, Weight Watchers, church groups, to support healthy habits”)
“You volunteered your time for local organizations or causes”
“You attended wellness programs or fitness facilities (e.g., the YMCA, Reggie Lewis Center, Gold’s Gym, or Total Fitness)”

*Items were preceded with the following prompt: “For each question, please mark the response that best indicates your experience over the past 6 months.” Participants could then choose to mark one of the following options: “Not at all,” “A little,” “A moderate amount,” “Quite a bit,” or “Very often.”