Table 5: Social engagement assessment.

Item: in the last week/month have you …Response scaleMean (std dev)

(i) been in touch with friends or relatives by phone or by letters?W2.6 (1.2)
(ii) gotten your hair [MEN cut WOMEN done] or dressed up to go out at least once?M2.5 (1.3)
(iii) done any unpaid volunteer work or community service?M0.9 (1.5)
(iv) been out to have lunch or dinner with someone?M2.8 (1.4)
(v) been to a meeting at a club, senior center, or organization in which you are active other than religious institution?M0.8 (1.2)
(vi) been out socially with friends or relatives, for example, to see a show, a party or holiday celebration, or some other social event? M1.2 (1.1)
(vii) gone shopping for food, clothes, or something else you needed?M2.8 (1.2)
(viii) done any indoor or outdoor recreational activity like bowling, working out, fishing, hiking, boating, swimming, golfing?M1.8 (2.0)