Table 1: Demographic and clinical variables.

<65 years≥65 years value

Males (%)69.359.10.056
Body mass index 0.001
NY heart class for failure on presentation (%)NA
 Class 0: none noted83.278.2
 Class I: dyspnea with high activity4.78.6
 Class II: dyspnea with regular activity10.19.1
 Class III: dyspnea with minimal activity1.32.5
 Class IV: dyspnea at Rest0.71.5
Prior percutaneous coronary intervention (%)70.570.21.000
Prior coronary artery bypass surgery (%)18.725.30.155
Previous myocardial infarction (%)37.335.40.736
Family history of premature CAD (%)58.527.70.001
Renal failure (creatinine ≥ 2.0 at baseline) (%)
Chronic lung disease (%)11.316.70.169
Peripheral vascular disease (%)817.20.016
Hypertension (%)7487.90.001
Cerebrovascular disease (%)
Hyperlipidemia (%)8688.40.519
Smoking history (%)69.358.40.043
Diabetes mellitus (%)38.336.40.737
Clopidogrel on followup (%)86.783.50.515
Aspirin on followup (%)96.994.10.408

NS: nonsignificant, CAD: coronary artery disease, and NA: not applicable.