(i) Step One:
 Mass mailing of introductory pamphlet to all persons
 who were members of a Florida State Alzheimer’s
 Association in the year 1998 ( 5,648) or who were
 members of a state-funded memory disorder clinic
 (MDC) diagnosed with AD ( 1,781) during study
(ii) Step Two:
 Phone interview to ensure interested subjects ( )
 met eligibility criteria, confirm address for the mailing of
 questionnaire and scheduling of in-home interview.
 Of the interested subjects, 65% ( ) met inclusion
  criteria, and 254 agreed to participate once the study
  was explained in detail.
(iii) Step Three:
 In-home interview conducted with caregivers ( )
 and patients who were cognitively eligible ( ),
 or who had a surrogate available to provide responses
 on their behalf ( )
Box 1: Data collection.