Research Article

Factors Associated with Women’s Chronic Disease Management: Associations of Healthcare Frustrations, Physician Support, and Self-Care Needs

Table 2

Healthcare frustrations by age and needing help learning HOW to take better care of own health.

Healthcare-related frustration scale items Total  
Age groupNeed help learning how to care for health
44 to 64 
or No 

Wish your doctor had more time to spend talking with you
Feel tired of describing your same conditions and problems every time you go to a hospital or doctor’s office
Wish you had a friend or family member who could go to the doctor with you
Tired of feeling on your own when it comes to taking care of your health problems
Feel that your doctor does not realize what it is really like for you at home trying to take care of your health problems
Leave the hospital or a doctor’s office and feel confused about what you should do
Healthcare-related frustration tertiles (higher scores indicate more frustration)
 Lowest tertile 30.30%30.00%30.60%1.890.38838.30%15.20%25.94<0.001
 Middle tertile47.00%44.70%51.00%30.70%16.40%
 Highest tertile (referent group)22.60%25.30%18.40%14.90%37.40%
Healthcare-related frustration scale (ranging from 0 to 12)2.55 (±2.69)2.64 (±2.79)2.39 (±2.50)0.750.4522.00 (±2.47)3.60 (±2.80)−4.79<0.001