Journal of Aging Research / 2018 / Article / Tab 13

Research Article

The Development of a Design and Construction Process Protocol to Support the Home Modification Process Delivered by Occupational Therapists

Table 13

Subphase 8 of home modification process protocol.

Evaluation phaseSubphase 8

DescriptionConduct site visit to check the operation and maintenance of the occupation-focused home modification

Key questionsIs the home modification operating in the way it is intended to?
Does the home modification perform in the way that achieves the goals and requirements identified in subphase 3?
What can we learn from the process?

ActionsProvide reablement, rehabilitation, and/or training to enable the use of the modification
Conduct reevaluation following completion of the home modification and compare with subphase 2
Provide training on the maintenance of the home modification
Complete professional evaluation of the intervention and what can be learned

OutcomesComplete and document the reablement, rehabilitation, and/or training provided
Person(s) provided with information and documentation needed to manage the home modification
Person(s) satisfied with the performance of the modification. Feedback documented
Occupational therapist satisfied with the performance of the modification completed. Outcome documented
Modification resolves the occupational need identified in subphase 3. Case closed